What drive for RitekG04?

*Sony DRU-700A DVD±RW Dual Layer
*NEC 2510A
*Lite On SOHW-832S
I’m gonna buy me a DVD writer, but still doubting between these 2 writers. The only requirement is that it’s able to burn RitekG04 very good.

Also, what is the best ritekG04 to go with this drive?:

Arita G04 4.7GB DVD-R 4X
Ridata (Ritek G04) 4.7GB DVD-R 4X
Ritek G04 4.7GB DVD-R 4X
Traxdata 4.7GB DVD-R spindel 4X
Platinum DVD-R spindel 8X (Ritek G05)

For toasting -R discs, esp. G04s, you should go with Option #4: Pioneer

And options 1 & 3 are identical.

they don’t sell Pioneer DL where i live :frowning: and i kinda want a DL for future plans

Then broaden your horizon. Consider not tying yourself to Ritek G04.
Choose your drive and then feed it the media it likes.

Because if you know what’s good for you, you’d know to steer clear of Ritek. :iagree:

huh? thats a little unfair, in the UK anyway, we don’t get stuff like tayo yuden regularly and when we do its seriously overpriced- a good 50% over what G04 is going for. +R media is going for between 30-50% more than -R, so from an economic standpoint the Ritek media is a fair priced media that has better compatibility for standalones and consoles than things like princo- not that i do but those who make money from selling back ups etc. all tend to use G04’s from compatibility/cost standpoint.

We get nowhere near the variety you guys get over the pond :slight_smile:

My 105 has just crapped out on me and i’ve taken the mild risk of switching from Pioneer to NEC (2500A). I say mild risk as i have around 100-150 G04’s sitting around (i didn’t expect my 105 to crap out on me, and i’ve had no problems with the G04’s in the past), which i hope will burn ok with the NEC (fingers crossed). Having read on what the NEC has to offer i will be starting to the +R medium (hopefully by the time these G04’s are used up the disparity in price will have diminished a little at least ;)) I can see the advantages that +R has over -R but at the end of the day the occasional burner or the ones that just back up their DVD/Games colllection to prolong the life of their originals don’t necessarily mess with firmware and write strategies on a regular basis, and try out various types of media- you find a media that works well and is compatible and then you stick with it- till it stops working…

I’m curious to know as i’ve always tended to stick to Ritek own branded or Datasafe’s “Datasafe” branded G04’s, whether this G04 inconsistency is across all brands or is it with the non “A-Grade” batches (such as Bulkpaq & Datawrite from the Datasafe camp, and Arita from the Ritek camp)?

I think the main problem people are having with G04s is when they buy overprints, I’ve used a few different brands of them and not had 1 bad disk. I’ve had plenty of crap disks in the past, but they’ve never been a Ritek. Well apart from some G05s but I think that was more down to liteon’s write strategy.

I’m currently using the Datawrite G04 Yellows and for the price they’re excellent.

Well, since my crystal ball is in the shop for repairs all week…
Most posters asking these kind of questions give absolutley no clue as to where in the world they are then all we can do is respond to the question as it relates to where in the world we are. :rolleyes:

yup you’re right about that-not stating location is a personal greivance of mine- sorry i wasn’t meaning to have a go at you guys

On that subject of G04’s, is there any firmware in particular, that i can use that will improve the NEC 2500’s compatibility with G04, and more to the point are these firmware hacks reversible, in the event that no matter what firmware i use i can’t get the G04’s to burn i can atleast return the drive as it was?

maybe i’m over concerned it could burn fine without a glitch- (i won’t be risking any firmware flashing to make the G04’s write at 8x, 2x and 4x is plenty fas for me :D)

You will get the best answers to this question in the NEC forum.
I think it is less to do with the 2500 as it is to do with the crapshoot on the G04’s themselves…but I could be wrong, I don’t use the 2500 or G04.

Herries 107v2b5 uses a much better strategy for RitekG04 discs.
It also increased the available write speed to 8X, but you can choose to burn at 4X for improved burn quality.
See the NEC forum for more info.

Why do you need DL now if you want to use only DL media for some time? DL drives are going to become much cheaper in the future. I have always said about US$50 will be the price for drives with 2.4x-4x DL and 16x SL. Isn’t it kinda waste of money if you now buy a drive that does 8x-12x SL and 2.4x DL when you know you can’t use any of the two features? Why not just get a used Pioneer DVR-A05/A06? There are millions of people every month that buy new 8x and 12x writers these days.

Getting a DL drive in, say, five months, will be much easier than it is now.