What drive do the new MACs use?(Plus help me choose a drive...please!)



Does anybody knows what drive fits the new Apple/Intel Macs?

It has to be something that leaves MAC users (and Apple) satisfied…and it may be a good direction pointer to… help me choose my dvd drive.

I’m trying to choose between Benq 1650, Pioneer 111, Plextor 750A, LG 4167B.
For what i’ve read in the foruns (and believe me i read a LOT… :slight_smile: ), these seem to be the most “reliable” choices…(no flames please…).

The drive will be mainly used for recording some movies/backup (any DVD-RAM “reliable” drives out there…is DVD-RAM worth?). If it can stand “MAC work” of being standalone drive that would be great, otherwise i still have my “old” ASUS DVD-ROM for reading.

For what i’ve seen many people have experience with some of these, so if they could give their input, i would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you.


Humm…imacs seem to use matsushita or pionner drives…i wonder what they will use in new the new powermac…