What drive do I buy? Sony or NEC

I have a few options, the NEC 3520, NEC 3500a, and Sony DWD22A

From these 3 I would say NEC3520, but why are you limited to these options?

If possible the BenQ1620 and the LG GSA-4163B are also great drives, with the latest being my favorite because of the DVD-RAM support.

I also would choose the NEC from the list you have, but the chances of actually getting a 3500 anymore are close to zero. I agree with the LG quality and features, but the NEC will do bitsetting on both +R an +RW with hacked firmware, if you want this.

NEC is much better than a Sony which is a re-badged drive and overpriced. If you want to spend more than a NEC, get a Plextor. But the bargain priced NEC and Benq drives are high quality and a great bargain.

What about Pioneer VDR-109? I’m Installing one in my system. Haven’t burn anything with it yet.

Sorry, DVR-109, that is.

The Pioneer 109 is a very good drive as well. The next drive I get will be a Pioneer, not to replace anything but to add to what I have. It has the additional benefit of very fast ripping with a little hacking. I don’t see much modified firmware and I don’t believe it will do bitsetting though.

thanks guys, I purchased the NEC 3520a at ENUINC.COM they have a local store here in Portland and have the best prices around.