What DPI setting for scanning a DVD?

I have a issue with what is the best DPI setting to use for the best results and such when scanning a DVD for my backup printing of our DVD’s. What is the norm for say like the ones scanned and posted on Cdcovers.cc ?
Any help is wonderful.
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Jenni, you asked a similar question in an earlier thread here and there were a couple of replies. :wink:

The DVD covers at cdcovers.cc are saved at approx. 150 DPI but it’s possible that some people are scanning at a higher DPI (e.g. 300 or 600 DPI) and then resizing to 150 DPI after performing image adjustments.

I’m not sure about the DVD labels, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure it out given that a DVD is 12 cm = 4.72 inches, so just divide the horizontal or vertical resolution by 4.72.

Depending on your quality needs and available storage I would scan at twice the desired resolution, perform image enhancements, and then resize to 50% with the final resolution being either 300 DPI or 150 DPI.

LOL Blond moment. Just having a issue with scans showing smaller then the normal 120mm and having to pull it out to fit the dvd label when I scanned it at 200dpi.
Not sure why!

DVD cover scans should be at 300dpi and saved in a lossless format such tiff or png for local use and printing. Using jpeg is only recommended when you need to upload them and tiff and png is too big.

Most of the ones on Cdcovers.cc are horrible quality. Check out this site for high resolution ones: http://covers.box.sk/

Wonderful and Thank you for the link. Somebody needs to do a little post explaining the best way to do it step by step for best results using common equipment.
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Scan at 300ppi…Most Label programs when the disc image is incerted will have points at each end for you to size it correctly…Other progys will do it Auto…

yes your definitely right…disc image is incerted will have points at each end for you to size