What does your crystal ball tell you?

When do you forsee the prices of DL Media hitting $2-3? :slight_smile:

Once the inverted stack production method is introduced by taiwanese giants like Ritek or CMC, DL media prices should fall considerably. This should happen pretty soon, at the end of this year / beginning of next year latest. Ricoh has already started the production of inverted stack discs (CDFreaks article), and the media will be available at the end of this month (~5 - 6 EUR a disc for now).

My crystal ball tells me ~ 3 EUR a disc next year, and less once BluRay burners and media hit the market.

P.S.: Current writers will need a firmware update at least to write these new discs.

About the time that the new Blueray and HD-DVD media hits the market at $15/disc. :sad:

I forsee the price of DL media equals $2 or less – tomorrow

keep checking tomorrow… and read above sentence again!

I forsee a tall, leggy blonde walking into my life. I also see some of the people reading this going on a journey.

On DL discs, they are starting to filter down to smaller manufacturers so the prices shoul start slowly falling over the next couple of quarters. Still won’t be anything other than a niche market though.

In three months, the price has already dropped a lot. It will only continue.
But in a few months, new burner will be able to burn 8xDL and you will want 8x DL media!