What does this Msg mean?!?!

Burning avi video to DVD+R, hit the “BURN” button and got:

Not enough space for temporary files in the selected folder 'C:\DOCUME~1.\OWNER~1.LIS\LOCALS~1\TEMP. There are 4070 MB available, but the recording process will need approximately 4385.

I’ve used the “SEARCH” option but cannot find this folder. Any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.


You need 4385 MB free space on C:
Free up some space or change the tempdir to another drive. (if you have another)

hrmmm…this is funny…u posted the same question on http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=252581…isn’t one site good enough for u? :bigsmile:

You cannot find the folder you need because its hidden. You can re-run your search to include hidden folders, or you can go to “tools” then to “view” and select “show hidden files and folders.” At this point you should be able to follow the path they give you (aka C:/ to Document to whatever user, etc)

Hope this helps!


Ok I know you are new here but, look at the date. This was posted 11-01-2005. He probably got the problem fixed. Oh and you are not right it was temporary. So he whould go C:\Temp in other cases C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name and in some cases C:\Program\Program you are using\Temp there are a lot of places programs can put them. It doesn’t have to a specific space. The ones I talked about are the most likely.