What does this mean?

Hi guys, i’m trying to figure out how good my burn(s) are. I ran CD Speed and here is what came up.

It’s a Unifino 4x DVD-R burned @ 4x with a 2500A using CopytoDVD. What does this mean? Thanks!

the green line means the linear velocity under the reading head
the yellow line means the dvd drive motor speed

so this means that when reading this disc, the motor speed was constant (same during the whole reading process), and because the dvd disc has 2 diameters (internal near the hole, and external) the linear speed varies (increase) when going from inside to outside…

this is called CAV = Constant Angular Velocity.

some media (writing RW discs) is CLV (Constant Linear Velocity): the green line is fixed on some value, and the yellow decreases.

it means your disks transfer rate is good up to 8x. you still could have other issues with it though. try a surface scan for defects next.

Here is the surface scan…

Unreadable errors…that makes no sense…

If it reads without any blips how on earth does it have UNREADABLE errors?

No idea myself. I have tested scrutinized this particular disk very carefully on my standalone DVD player. It player perfectly throughout the entire disk. I have burned almost 100 of these 4x -R Unifino disk with good results, at the price newegg is selling them I am very happy…but i’m no expert.

It must be a glitch in cdspeed. Unreadable errors arent just magically read perfectly in transfer rate tests and DVD players.

I wouldn’t worry about them.

BTW, have you got another DVD drive? Or perhaps you can go to a friends house who has a different DVDrom or writer. Do a scan disc on theirs and see if those errors appear. My bet is they wont.

was this from the same drive?

I have another (DVDSKOREA, what a brand…), but when I try to run a surface scan the program crashes before the new window even comes up.

Roger that. Same drive, same disk, same hour too.

No I mean do you have another DVD drive?

are you using cdspeedv3.1? at http://www.cdspeed2000.com/

No I mean do you have another DVD drive?

Yeah, a DVDSKOREA running on the primary channel. It’s a first generation 16x drive that I got @ Best Buy

are you using cdspeedv3.1? at http://www.cdspeed2000.com/

Yep. Downloaded it today.

Yup ok. Try it on both drives :smiley:

And post the results

That’s probably OEM to Sony.

Ok folks, here we go. I am using a different disk this time, it is a backup of Super Speedway: IMAX made using Nero 6 @ 4x

The first DVD drive is a DVSKOREA DSR1600H:

DVD read @ 8x: I have no idea why it maxed out, I am possitive I had it set to 8x. It sped up to max and crashed eventualy.

Surface test with DVSKOREA: Program crashes as soon as I select scandisk from the menu.

And here is the 2500A (using Herrie’s latest firmware)…

Here is the surface scan on the 2500A:…

you disk is fine…most will fail at 16x reads anyways. im not sure why you get a error trying to do a surface scan sounds like cdspeed doesnt like the drives firmware…whens the last time you updated that diskoreh drives firmware?

Wow does anyone know how he got his drive to read a burnt DVD at 16x?? That’s crazy lol

I would like to know myself. It seems to go fairly well until 14x, by then my drive sounds like a freaking rocket taking off!

sounds like you have some issues with the dvd rom drive id be careful sounds like the speed limiter is broken ive seen them shatter disks when this happens.