What does this mean?



Taiyo Yuden 52X CD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer in Cake Box Spindle -
Up to 52X Thermal Printable CD Recording speeds are supported by this CDR80 Media “Super Cyanine” dye provides zero wave distortion Compatibility with all CD recorders and duplicators is assured BLER,E-12, and E-22 errors are the lowest in the industry Jitter and Deviation levels are the lowest in the industry Data integrity is guaranteed to 100 years Intensive quality assurance methods are in place during the manufacturing process, providing industry leading yield rates more…

I’m looking at buying bulk CDs on line, and TY was recommended. Anyhow, I can’t figure out if this means that they are Lightscribe discs, which would be amazingly cool.

Is that what silver thermal laquer means - Llightscribe ready?


Nope, they’re not Lightscribe discs - LightScribe discs will be clearly advertised as such wherever you shop.

The silver lacquer just means they’re shiny silver topped (there is a more technical explanation of what exactly silver lacquer is, I’m sure).

The discs you mention are also printable, but you need a special thermal printer to print on them.

I don’t even think TY make LightScribe discs, you’d be better off with Verbatim LS discs, also great quality.


On the site where I trade music, we’ve been warned off Verbatim in no uncertain terms. Is this not true of their lightscribe discs?


For DVDs, I think the 16x +Rs (MCC004) can be very good to excellent, depending on the source (manufacturer). This is also true of their LightScribe discs, yes.

But TY are still my other top choice, so it’s all good :).


I’m looking for - R for both CD and DVD media. I need something like 100 each. I’ve just been pricing LS discs, and they seem prohibitively expensive for my purposes. [We’re stuffing goodie bags for a huge party]

I wonder how long til they come down in price? I have this awesome LS capable LG drive and I can’t afford the &^*^%# discs!


I hear ya - I have a 10pack of Verbatim LS discs, and that’s it 'cos of the price (in relation to how long LS takes etc as well). :iagree:

TY CDRs (and+/-Rs, although I tend to use only TY +Rs) are all excellent though, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

It’s a shame, you don’t say if you have a disc printer or not, as TY make some excellent Watershield Glossy Printable discs…


I don’t have a disc printer. The stuff I deal with, most people just trade a plain disc with no wrting and just dots in the center indicating if it’s disc one or two. The LS capability that the LG came with was just a bonus.
I bought markers with non-destructive ink adn write on mine, but I was just thinking how nice it would be to have them all nice and neat for the goody bags instead of my less-than-perfect printing.


Again I can totally understand, it’s kinda nice to package those kinds of things nicely :iagree:

Markers for me here too :iagree:



I’m curious, you said this is a music trading group/ website? Do you actually swap CDs with other members on the board? Ever since Napster went down, I’ve been looking for an alternative and I’m not too fond of Limewire. Can you tell me what website this is? or e-mail me w/ the info? Thanks.


BTW, I also prefer Sharpie Markers and I’ve heard using adhesive labels for CDs/DVDs deminishes the life of the CD and actually has been proven to cause data corruption. Lightscribe would be the ultimate solution, but for an easy and cheap solution, those Sharpie markers work great. :slight_smile: