What does this mean

I have the following file extension that none of my video will play. Can someone tell me what I need to play these.


Others have just avi extension but they will not work too.

You have disabled showing file-extensions, but judging from the files names, then they should be XviD encoded AVIs.

Instead of downloading and installing the XviD codec to get the XviD directshow decoding filer, then i would recommend to get ffdshow instead, as it’s faster, uses lower resources, has advanced post-processing options and handles many other audio/video formats e.g. DivX and AC3 etc. You will need the ffdshow build which matches your processers instruction-set, but if in doubt, then just go after the first one, which is generic :

ffdshow 2004-10-12 alpha :

ffdshow 2004-10-12 alpha sse :

ffdshow 2004-10-12 alpha sse2 :

Note: Untick “VFW” during the install, as you only need the directshow decoding filter and not the ‘Video for Windows’ encoding part.