What does this error mean and how can i overcome it

when i try and make a cd from an imagefile using ccd4 i get this error
“Writing to CD failed, ERROR: NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (99:0x80:0x01)”

im using a plextor (PX-W1210s) burner that is compatable with ccd.

bg info on the file:

im usnsure of the version of ccd that was used to burn and it was sent to me over the net by a trusted friend and i dunno whats wrong wif it

One word - SCSI. Great when a reliable data feed was required pre-ATA33+ but just don’t cut it with the older models. These error messages are standard MMC-3 error strings. It’s the device’s way of saying “I don’t like that” or “this media is crap”. Given that this Plex is a RAW reader & writer, there’s not much else wrong except the media, I suspect.

Update to the latest CloneCD and use the default profiles :slight_smile:

Also read the links in the fourth dot in my signature :wink:

im trying to make a backup of windows 2000 advanced server btw

oh and i do have the latest version of clone cd

Originally posted by sirpsych0
im trying to make a backup of windows 2000 advanced server btw

Is this cd even copy protected? I doubt it. If using clonecd just use the default data cd profiles or burn on the fly with nero or general burning proggy of your choice.

i dont have the cd. just the image

Sorry if you don’t have (read: own) the original disc, we cannot help you further. Refer to the fifth dot in FutureProof’s signature.