What does this code mean?



These is a couple of European Xbox discs, IFPI suggests they were manufactured by Technicolor in Germany, but my friends and I wonder what the 0/O-M-M mean, can anybody help? Thanks beforehand.


There is no Technicolor factory in Germany that makes Xbox discs. The only place in Germany that makes Xbox disc is Sonopress (now Arvato) in Gutersloh.

It seems the OMM is stamped into the plastic and not actually modulated into the metal layer. If this is true then the OMM could indicate which molding machine was making the actual discs. Normally there are also stamper ‘serial numbers’ that are molded into the plastic. Since you have 2 discs that both have OMM, it is not likely to be a stamper serial number.



Oops! Seems Googling for IFPI descriptions isn’t as good as having the official database handy, so thanks for the precision. A graphic designer has just told me they’re 0s instead of Os, so zero milimeters is more likely than Optical Media Manufacturing :P.

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My guess is what you see is a molding machine number. Who knows…

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