What does this clone cd error mean?

Yesterday I got this error, and my recordable cd was fucked up:


What does it mean? Is it possible that it has something to do with the image I was trying to burn, or is my burner broken? I made the image (Black&White with SD2) with my Lite On 12/10/32 (fast error skipping on, retries=3, read spead = 4x) and it finished reading succesfully (at least… that’s what clone cd said).

What does this error mean?
Has it something to do with SafeDisc 2?
How can I make a succesfull backup of this game?

It doesn’t look like there’s something wrong with the image. There seems to be a hardware problem or maybe there’s a problem with the used media. Have you tried burning the same image again?

SafeDisc 2 can be succesfully copied but only if your burner supports the writing of weak error sectors. I do not think your burner can do it because it’s not mentioned in this list… You can use a crack since I see on the picture you already know about GameCopyWorld :wink: Or you can use PlayBack, but for this you will have to write a modified CloneCD image and it has to be burned succesfully.

I can’t wait to go home and try it again… I’ll first try it on a CDRW… so that it doesn’t matter if it fails again.
But if my writer CAN do it, I’ll post the results here, because a lot of people bought this burner recently…

It worked fine!
But I need the no-cd crack to play the game, otherwise it will complain about some missing .tmp file or something…

Ok great or not so great since this probably means you cannot copy SD2 without the use of a crack…

Well thank God for GameCopyWorld.com ;):wink:

At least I have a working game for HFL 2,50.