What does "The Quest for the Longest Thread" weigh?

Assume you printed “The Quest for the Longest Thread” on size 10 font, with 1.5 line spacing & printed single sided on standard A4 laser paper :slight_smile:

What do you think the quest for the longest thread weighs?

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1 Quest page ~= 10 Printed Pages (Using print preview)
599 Quest Pages (At Present) therefore = 599*10 = 5,990 Printed Pages
Assuming 1 Printed Page ~= 5grams (Yes I weighed some paper)
5,990 * 5grams = 29,950grams
29,950grams = 299.5 Kg

Obviously there is the factor of the ink to add to this but I can’t weigh that.

We need someone to figure out what those pictures would weigh in ink, and not to forget the ammount of bold text in quotes and signatures. But obviously it weighs in at very much. Good estimate Womle :slight_smile:

Come on Bcn add up those pictures for us in terms of weight. I know there was 193 pics at last count.

Also forgot to factor in the avatars. Damn.

hmmm… 193 pics, each at 100kb is 19mb of pics, and each avatar of 25k, 15000 times, so thats about 375mb of avatars, and 19mb of pics. totaling about 400mb (im probibly wrong)

ben :slight_smile:

Nice maths. Expect that many avatars are repeated. Do they take up one 25k worth of memory or 25k* the amount posted by that person.

The real question though is how much do they weigh in ink?

ok, lets say each post is 2g of ink, and there are 15000 posts. well 1g of ink would make it 1.5kg, and 2 grams makes it about 3kg, but how much does each post weigh, 2g was just a guess.



Don’t forget the coloured backgrounds will also use a little ink :wink:

I thought I specified laser though … hence toner, which weighs ever so slightly less than ink …

At any rate, lets assume that we have approximately 5% coverage for text & an additional 2% coverage for images. Then add in approximately 20% page coverage @ 5% darkness for backgrounds.

We have approximately 8% coverage on each page for toner/ink.

Far to heavy for me to lift anyway.

I like to print in the smallest font possible to save paper, ink, space, electricity, time, and money, too. I can now add weight. :slight_smile:

I’d prefer not to require a magnifying glass in order to read the quest, printed in size 1 font :iagree: I’m pretty sure you can also print in half sizes, maybe it’s possible to print smaller, down to a single (or maybe more) decimal places :eek:

Something like this then eh? :slight_smile:

well…if someone has a lot of paper and a lot of time and a lot of ink (or toners) print the thread, and then we will have an exact number :smiley:

Anyone work at a large firm, or a government institution? :slight_smile:

Why would you want to print all that, the “quest for the longest thread” to me is a load of crap, althought it’s fun to read it, so why waste that much paper and ink? save the trees god dammit!!!

how DARE you :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

ben :stuck_out_tongue:

ps, its fun, i spend to long posting there, ok, i suppose it is a load of crap, but if you get CRAPx15000, then you get something remotely good, or maybe just alot of crap :wink:

anyways I think I can print out the logest thread but only in black and white, I have to check. I think it ould weigh 65kg but it will vary depending on toner.

Ok. Here in Europe the standard for home and office printing is the A4. It is 210x297mm, and weighs 80 grams per square meter (80 g/m²). Let’s calculate it by factors.

FACTOR A: the number of pages. 1 page can contain about 3 postings. As of 07/11/2004 00:55 there are 15075 postings. 15075:3 = 5025. Factor A: about 5025 pages.

FACTOR B: the total dimensions. 5025 pages multiplied by 210x297mm make a paper sheet which is 1055250x1492425mm. This equates into 1574881481250 square millimeters : 10^6 [=(10^3)^2] = 1574881,48125 square meters. By approximation, 1574881,48 square meters.

FACTOR C: the sheet mass. 1574881,48125 m² × 80 g/m² = 125990518,5 grams = 125990,5185 kg. By approximation, 125990,52 kg.

FACTOR D: the ink mass. Actual standards set the ink mass to a maximum of 5 grams per square meter (5 g/m²). Comprehensive of color, text and other website-related stuff, I think a page is covered about 30%, the remaining 70% is white (30% is a VERY BIG coverage for a paper sheet!). 30% of 1574881,48 square meters (see Factor B) makes 472464,44 square meters. So 5:1 = x:472464,44. And that is 2362322,2 grams = 2362,32 kg (I was not expecting it!).

Adding all the results up, we have a total mass of 125990,52 + 2362,32 = 128352,84 kilograms, for a total of 1574881,48 + 472464,44 = 2047345,92 square meters.

Average mass: 0,0626923 grams per “Quest for the Longest Thread” page.


wow, amazing results, glad we didn’t print that out…
I’m still a bit skeptical on the “128352.84 kilograms” and the ‘2047345.92 Square meters’
ya know thats a lot of weight? 128 tons… That weights more than a nasa telescope and a dozen of satelite dishes…
more than 2 milion square meters, that’s bigger than my town man…

I’m not critisizing, i just think that your numbers might be way off…

I meant it is easier for me to read in small fonts, not that small to require a magnifier. What’s the point of downsizing if you can’t read? One can just use 8GB memory card for that, or 100GB 2.5-inch notebook drive.