What does the LG WH10LS30K drive come with?



I was wondering what does the OEM version of the LG WH10LS30K blu-ray writer come with? Does it have a SATA calbe, power cable and so on or do I have to get these cables myself? I read somewhere that it comes with blank media as well… is that true?
What else is in the OEM package?


One more question. Does the drive support blu-ray disc quality scans and how reliable are they?


Just got one, and NERO disc speed says “Drive Does Not Support This Funtion” so that’s a NO. I probably should have known the cheapest blu ray burner would not support quality scanning. Just hope there’s a prospect in the future for a firmware update that will allow scanning. This is not without precedent for DVD burners in the past to end up supporting quality scans, just like my NEC dvd burner.

Sofar impressed with the first disc burn. Just know this-- the transfer speeds even at 4x will not allow you to do any other disk activity without flushing your cache & forcing a buffer underrun-- and that’s with a 1tb wd caviar black drive.:sad:

To answer your other question: newegg sent the oem drive in bubble wrap, packaged with cyberlink blu ray disc suite, though had no problems burning with Nero, a molex to sata power adapter, sata cable, manual and free (promotion) 3d glasses as part of this package deal (doubt they’d just send the bare drive & nothing else unless stated as such).

BTW, is it advisable to WRITE on a blu ray top surface with a sharpie marker?