What does the "Adapter" value in EAC correspond to?

That is, how is it calculated, or read?
Is it read from a registry value, calculated from various values available in a driver somewhere, etc.?

I have searched here and elsewhere, and can’t find anywhere where it is written down how this value is gotten.

Can anyone tell me? It must be something reasonably simple, mustn’t it?
I’m trying to find this, so I can find out how to make sure various adapters
appear in the right place (until such time as the ability is added to change which adapter a group of settings is attached to in EAC, anyway).

In my home setup, using a laptop, changing configurations often, I can’t count on any given device being at any given adapter… for example, I just added a dock to the setup, and the adapter shifted again, even though I’m plugging the Cardbus SATA card (which goes to my DVD drive) into the same slot and nothing else has changed.

Anyone know what the Adapter value IS?

  • Tim

P.S. I posted this on the EAC and Hydrogen Audio forums, but nobody’s answered yet. Weird how nobody seems to know.

Nevermind, folks – it is some formula that I can’t figure out. I’m using a Cardbus SATA interface, which looks like it uses Windows’ SCSI mechanism for device IDs. Don’t know how it translates it into Adapter Number, but I managed to recreate the setup to get my old adapter number back, so I could copy the settings down.

  • Tim