What does the 'A' in "ATAPI DVD 'A' DH20A4P" mean?

Silly question, just out of curiosity.

I know there is an ‘A’ and ‘S’ firmware, but have not seen an example of DVD ‘S’ in any of the posted scans, maybe someone really smart can help me…:slight_smile:

All Write. My 20A4H use “S” firmware and it shows as ATAPI DVD A DH20A4H.

OK, makes sense.

Other drives show “DVDRW” because they don’t burn DVD-RAM, but this write “all” formats, hence it’s trade name.

OK, thanks juancdg

The ‘A’ and ‘S’ firmwares are tweaks for the particular laser diodes in the A4-series, since probably during the manufacturing process, the supplier had changed. There is no correlation of the ‘A’ in the ID with respect to firmware versions.