What does that FFMPEG spit out, if not AC3?

Its not a proper AC3 file, so what does it convert the .mp2 or .wav files to?

Works perfectly here, it’s all I use for converting. BeSweet does not work for me, even though they use the same converter.

Well, I may getting confused here, but isn’t AC3 a Dolby Digital soundtrack?

If so, how come my DVD player does not see it as dolby digital when I convert a soundtrack to AC3 in FFmpeg? Yet when I done one in Soft Encode, it was displayed as DD?

So your burned DVD has no sound when you play it in your DVD player?

Yes, it has sound.

Its just when a DVD with a proper AC3 soundtrack is playing the dolby digital logo is displayed in the LCD screen on my DVD player. Yet when I play one with a FFMPEG converted AC3 soundtrack the dolby digital logo is not displayed.

Its not a big issue as the sound seems fine, I was just enquiring :wink: