What does RW mean?

I had always thought that RW meant Re-writeable but maybe not?
I have a Philips DVDR1660K/00 which has the RW logo on it. My Verbatim DVD+R discs are RW. But apparently this does NOT mean they are re-writeable? Nero will not erase them.
So what kind of media should I look for? :confused:

if it’s the RW sign on the bottom of the disc, i’m sure it’s to do with a DVD+R standard, i could be wrong.

where to look to see if your disc’s are RW is just under where it says Verbatim

You want DVD+RW or DVD-RW. Stick with Verbatim for these as well.

RW is a logo of DVD+RW Alliance that developed the “plus” format. This logo is a counterpart of DVD Forum logo with the letters DVD on top of stylized disc.

I understand that the RW became their logo because they released +RW media/burners before +R. Now they distinguish between +R and +RW by puttin DVD+R or DVD+ReWritable under the logo.