What does recorder buffer level means?

Hi, what does recorder buffer level means? i am using nero burning rom and my recorder buffer level is usually around 25% while in a friends house he has 98%.



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Every burner have somethink like RAM in it. And buffer means how full is it. around 25 % is very low. Maybe you dont have DMA activated or somethink.

Does your cdwriter program report a lot of burnproof/justlink notifications when writing ?

what is burnproof/justlik? how can i activate DMA? will the writing go faster when the buffer level is high?

burnproof/justlink are buffer underun protection systems. A buffer underrun occurs when the burner is burning too fast for the computer to supply data to it. When this happens, a coaster would occur without burnproof, what burnproof does is pause the burning and gives the computer a chance to catch up. So generally, yes, it will burn faster with a full buffer because it won’t have to pause and wait on the computer.

how do i make it burn faster? i have a external cd writer memorex bbq202 24x. sorry for the many questions im just a newbie here
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i don’t think you can overclock your burner but you might search. So the other way to speed up the process is to free up resources on your computer. Close extra programs and stuff in the system tray (area by the clock). If that doesn’t solve the problem, more ram or a faster hd would definatly do the trick.

and to add to kwkard post, defragment your hard disk (it’s under System Tools). This is when files on your hard disc are split up into chunks and placed in diffrent parts of the disc.
If your hard disc is fragmented then when it looks for the files you want to burn then it has to look for the parts before it can give the information to your burner, the buffer runs out and the burning process is paused untill the computer catches up. If you defragment then all the files are in one peice and your computer does not have to work so hard to find the files.

Ive just had another thought, if your external burner is running on a USB1.1 interface then I don’t think the usb channel can give the burner the data fast enough to burn at X24, try burning at a slower speed and see what happens.

on usb1.1 4x maximum.