What does PIF stand for?



I know that PI is Parity Inner, PO was Parity Outer, and PIF is Parity Inner F… Can someone explain this to me?


Parity Inner Failure…

dvd-standard sais it may only have max. 280 errors in a ecc-sector-row of 8 sectors on the media… now, when the drives tries to correct the errors, it will maybe fail with single errors - and these (still “existing” errors) are called Parity Inner Failures…


Thanks. I knew what it represents, I just didn’t know what is F.



Newbie to DVDinfo Pro. I made a backup copy of my car’s navigation map dvd (dual layer) with DVR-108 on Verbatim DVD+R DL media which kindda works but some functions failed. Yet, another copy I made from the same source disc using 3500A worked just fine on the same type of media at the same speed 4x.
Attached is the PI/PIF on the copy I made using DVR108.
Can someone help me interpretate this?

Thanx tonz…