What does NEC3500 FW2R8 mean?



I saw it on “DVDinfo3.53 Recent Change History–Added Pi/Pif Scanning for NEC 3500 drives. NOTE: FW 2R8 is required.”


You can’t do PI/PIF scanning unless you have firmware version 2.R8 (which hasn’t been released yet).



I see!Thank you a lot.


The 2.F8 firmware will be NEC’s next firmware which will be officialy released late march. We have to wait till it’s out in the open.


Why doesnt someone just leak it, it seem everyone and there mother has it anyway.


Me and my mother don’t have it yet :sad:


So why don’t you? :rolleyes:
I don’t have it do you? :slight_smile:


Actually, no, everyone and their mother doesn’t have it. I’m assuming NEC gave a copy to a select couple people who make PI/PIF scanning software to test whether it was working correctly, but then again, I could be wrong.


Some developers are so “honest” they do not leak experimental products under non-disclocure agreements. :slight_smile:


Yes, I asked them to send me a copy but they don’t. Good for them :bow:


Professionalism :cop:


My Mom said “No” too!


My mom say’s that 2.R8 is more protected then her cookbook. (More like I kill the bastard)


My mom has 2.R8 but won’t give it to me. She did, however, knit me a new sweater.


LOL, your all mad, mad i tell yer :smiley:
hehehe, nice to see some light hearted banter here :wink:


I heard NEC where so secretive about their f.w that they deleted it off their server and had to ask a beta tester for it back and all they got was a sweater






So when does this sweater get leaked to the hacking community?


I hate leaky sweaters. No good. I say get a new mom.


I’d say ditch the mom, ditch the sweater and buy a hoody! It’s good to be a rebel sometimes. Good news that the 3500 will be able to do disc quality scanning now. Smells like NEC is starting to fear the competition with all the extra goodies they are starting to add. :slight_smile: