What does my Russian bottle say

In the dark of night a little bottle knocked on my door, I did not understand it, and it didnt understand me. But I let the little bottle in, and it made friends with my other bottles, the Smirnoff brothers, Ms Bombay Sapphire and Herr Braastad. Finally it had found a place in life where it could feel safe and at home.

But alas, I still cannot understand it. So I put my faith in you.
The first one to tell me what it says wins a bigger penis.


it’s a russky standart! everyone knows that :slight_smile:

the bottle seems to be made from old discardet Platinum DVD+R’s.

Maybe is vodka (from St. Petersburg), like says in the first image…

exactly only one important word: vodka what more do you need to know?

All of you guys so won’t win. Except Belvedere perhaps. Is the brand Russky Standart? Thats the dumbest name ever! Absolutely!

Can be sold here :slight_smile:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

[FEAR]And who lost?[/FEAR]

Okay so what I got is standard Vodka, only slightly better than the standard, since its premium. Premium standard. Makes sense.

I still want to know what the back says. The grand prize is at stake :eek:

It says,

Abandon all ye who drink from this bottle. Everything is ok with enough vodka, even the fall of the USSR which of course didn’t really happen it was all just a giant misunderstanding between us and the bartender. Long live mother vodka.

try to taste Absint (70%)…

You mean Absinthe

when that post was writen … i was after 1/3 bottle of Absinthe (the red one :stuck_out_tongue: 70% :slight_smile:


Actually - I’m fairly fluent in the Russian language-

Best that I can tell the fine print on the bottle says-

‘If you can understand what we are trying to say here in your own language - then you have had more than enough of this Vodka Standart’

ROFLMAO :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

A man of many talents you are, mike (the knife)


Thank You :bow: Thank You :bow: Thank You-Very Much :bow: