What does mac backup

I’m going to help a friend set up Media Center on a mac using Front Row Media Center to play them. I’m new to mac. My question is what apps do I use to backup the dvd’s to an external harddrive. Will things like DVD Shrink work?:confused:

You can run Windows applications on a Mac through Bootcamp. You’ll need a copy of 32bit Windows XP or Vista. http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/bootcamp.html

If you’d rather not go through this, or don’t have an extra copy of Windows handy, you can break encryption on dvds using MactheRipper or Handbrake. Handbrake only works on simple CSS protection and will convert to mp4 I believe.

MactheRipper free version is here: http://www.mactheripper.org/
It is very old however. To get the latest version you’ll have to join their forum and “donate”.

Thanks for the help, I will try mactheripper tonight:)