What does it take to get you to cross a line you never think you'd cross?



Everybody has things he/she just won’t do. Things like climbing ladders, taking drugs, speeding, play in a pr0n movie or eat sprouts.

Also… everybody and everything has its price. What whill it take to get you to do something you really don’t want to do? Money? Some deed?


That can be anything from being brainwashed, morale to extreme curiosity depending what the benefits, punishments and other possibilities (short and longterm) are.

If you would give me a million dollars to shoot a baby seal, i’ll do it. But not if you plan to bring Greenpeace and a CNN camera crew with you.


Dope and booze… Make me do thing I don’t do normaly… heheh :wink:

Money… nah, doesn’t work for me (unless i’m drunk ofcourse)


There was an interesting behavioral study with monkeys. They put 5 of them in a cage with a ladder and a bunch of bananas hanging above them. As soon as monkeys saw the bananas they tried to climb the ladder and then they got sprayed with a lot of cold water. After few attempts they gave up on bananas. Now comes the interesting part – one monkey was removed and a new one was introduced to the group. Of course he tried to get the bananas but the others beat him and stopped him from trying it again. Soon all monkeys were replaced in the same way. In the end, they had 5 monkeys in the cage and none of them knew why not to touch bananas but they all knew that they shouldn’t. Aren’t people sometimes like monkeys?


sexy southerner maybee??


What would make people cross the line and do something they normally wouldn’t? An exorbitant sum of money, starvation, imposed sleep deprivation, torture… Case in point: the Spanish Inquisition had a 95% success rate in getting people to ‘confess’ for things they didn’t do and also ‘recant.’


16 and 3 quarter bottles of beer. Molson Canadian yaaaaa


Convincing logic which doesn’t conflict with my self-derived moral base.


Sometimes when I’ve had a bad day I get a little bent out of shape and take things way too personally.


I do those things regularly. :iagree:


Eating sprouts … in any case.


It would have to be dire circumstances, like if my child or husband were threatened. Actually, if any one of my family members were threatened. Even though we are close to poverty, money wouldn’t affect me because of the values instilled in me since birth.


The moment… and present state of mind…