What does it mean when an MP3 file is corrupt?

I was wondering what it means when an Mp3 file is corrupt. I have heard been talked about and I don’t know what it means when and Mp3 file is corrupt. I do know what corrupt means. What about Mp3 files get corrupt.

Also, is there software that can tell if a mp3 file is corrupt?

What makes you think they’re corrupt?.. Have you tried playing them and what SW are you using to play them?..Did you create these MP3s?..
Have you had HW or SW failures?..Need more details…

Usually only the file header would be “corrupted”…

It can means a few different things for an MP3:

[li]A totally unplayable file where no part of the song is playable. This was quite common during the time FTP was a popular way of sharing music and an incorrectly set up FTP server/client caused the songs to be transferred in ASCII mode, resulting in unplayable songs (somethings known as a ‘cooked’ MP3.)[/li][li]An incomplete song.[/li][li]Damaged headers, but where the rest is playable (like chef mentioned).[/li][li]An MP3 created by an anti-piracy organisation, e.g. a clip of a song repeated in a loop (also known as a fake MP3.)[/li][li]In some cases, a corrupt MP3 could mean a badly ripped song, where the CD was skipping.[/li][/ol]

For #1, this type of corrupt MP3 can be easily fixed by a utility called uncook95.

For #2, usually you can tell by the file size. Most MP3s of 128+kbps are roughly the size in Megabytes as minutes (e.g. ~3MB for a 3 minute song) or 50% larger for a 192kbps song (e.g. ~4.5MB for a 3 minute song). If you see an unusually short file, especially <1MB, then it’s mostly a truncated song.

For #3, just open it in any playback software. If it refuses to play or shows garbage info in the song details, then it has a corrupt header.

For #4 & #5, the best way is to play the full song. While some software can claim to detect fake songs, there is always a risk of a false positive or missing bad sections like CD skipping/glitches.

Of course the only sure way of checking if an MP3 is corrupt is to play it. If it plays fine from start to finish, well then it’s most likely ok. :slight_smile:

@t0nee1: I was just wondering what it mean’t when an MP3 file is corrupt. I don’t have any corrupt MP3’s AFAIK. Thanks for the info guys if anyone else knows anything else please post. Thanks:iagree::):D:cool: