What does increasing the buffer size with ImgBurn do?

By default it is set at 80 Mib, but it can be set as much as 1024Mib, but what does it do really?

I think increasing the buffer size should reduce buffer underruns, but I never tried it.

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What’s “buffer underruns”?

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Thank you, I am using a Pioneer DVR-A07 using an IDE to USB 3.0 adapter to write to 74min CD-R (around 650-659 MB) and most of the content I write on these is between 400Mb to 550Mb, so knowing that would you know which buffer size should I set the ImgBurn software at? 652MB? 1024MB?

Why do you want to change it? Do you have any problems writing to CD-R?

Not that I know of, but shouldn’t it be better to fine-tune ImgBurn settings to try and get the best burn with least probability of failure and the most error-free?

I think better stick to the default values and see if they work for you.

You sure? I should mention that my burner is IDE plus an internal one, however my PC is SATA, so what I am doing is using an adapter, so the turner is connected to my PC through USB 3.0.

This is what I am using:

I used a similar adapter a few times without a problem. If yours also works without a problem then why mess with settings? If you do have a problem than you could experiment with them.

I can get buffer underruns when I’m burning 3+ disks at a time (especially at higher speeds and BluRay) … obviously I have a tower system with multiple burners. Increasing the buffer size reduces how often each burn process has to fetch data, Remember Windows does cache Gigs of recently accessed data, so if the burns are in good sync things normally go OK. But if the burn processes aren’t in good sync, that 20+ GB of BluRay will thrash the cache and seldom get hits.

I am burning only 1 disc at a time at 4X speed, the max on 650MB CD-Rs, might I gain anything if I raise the buffer to 600-650MB or better leave it at the default setting of 80MB?

Are you having underrun problems? Hopefully not on any modern computer and drive burning a CD. If no problems, don’t need to change.

Again, on modern computers with 8 - 32 GB of RAM bumping up to 256 MB won’t affect general use/sharing with other apps.