What does "gop too long" mean?

Using DVD author, I loaded the .m2v file in [which came from a demuxed DVD using DVD Decrypter], and got this…

[b]The video GOP is too long.
For a standard DVD it is necessary that the GOP fulfill the following condition:

Max 36 fields (18 frames) (NTSC format only)
Max 30 fields (15 frames) (PAL format only)[/b]

Is this a serious problem, cos I could have chose to ignore it, but it would have resulted in a non-standard DVD.

Right, now I just loaded the exact same .m2v file into DVD Lab along with the AC3 soundtrack and DVD Lab is compiling it now.

So, whats going on with Tmpeg DVD author?

It means you didn’t set your GOP settings correctly… If you’re using CCE make sure N=3 M=4.