What does everyone think?

Hello all, I just put together a computer and would like some info back on what people think, I decided to go with an Intel chip instead of Amd, sorry everyone but just wanted to. I got the following

Intel P4 HT 3.0 ghz northwood with 800mhz fsb and 512cache
DFI “LANParty 865pe” I865PE Chipset Mother board HT ready

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Gamer Limited Edition PCI Sound Card
NEC 8x dual layer dvd+/- RW drive model nd-2510Asw black oem
corsair xms xtra-low latency 2-2-2-5 2x512mb ddr-pc 3200 with platinum heat spreaders model# twinx1024-3200xlpt retail
ati 9800 pro video card
200 gb seagate hard drive
vantec power supply 520watts

that is pretty much it, the only thing i would like to get also is a new heatsink/fan but not sure which one to get since i am not sure which would be compatible with the motherboard I got. Well what do you all think?


nice computer, i got a question, i was going to built one too, but does the motherboard fit on any atx case that i buy because im not really sure about that. and another question, do u built it by putting all the pieces together adn then use the drivers that come with it, or you load up the operating system first and then install the drivers. Did u buy it all at newegg, because im planning to buy parts from that online store. Thanks,sry i got too many question.

Yeah Newegg I bought everything from, I will also buy the logitech z680 speaker 450 watts 5.1 surround system but from tigerdirect since it is a bit cheaper and close to my house. I was also going to get the coolmaster silver wave atx case, it looks easy to take out and put in to install for the motherboard. As for your question you put the floppys that come with the mb in the floppy drive to boot up your comp and install the drives then install the o.s. i think, it has been a while but i think that is how u do it. And yeah it is quite simple just putting the hardware together the only that concerns me is when i get a heatsink and fan will it fit the mb, cuz i hate using the stock. I hope that helps.

Yes, assuming the (manufacturers) fully comply ATX specification. This does not mean a case will provide easy access for installing the components or allow for adequate airflow for cooling. Also, most modern systems require a good power supply. Often case manufacturers bundle cheap PSU’s (power supply units) with their cases - especially the generic/value cases - which can cause problems. It is also important to note that the rating of a PSU is not an indication of quality. If in doubt you should search around for more info. For PSU’s I have heard good things about Enermax, Zalman, PC Power and Cooling (high quality, high price), and Antec (what I use).

Good Luck!


ASUS P4S800D-E Deluxe, faster and cheaper.
96$ USD

DVD: Keep the current one


Corsair Value Select 184 Pin 1G(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200, you wont notice a difference
159$ USD


Hitachi 250GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model HDS722525VLAT80, alot faster and larger
155$ USD

PSU: Keep/Get a Seasonic 120mm instead

CPU Cooler:

Arctic Cooling CPU Cooler For Intel Socket 478 3.06GHz+, Model “Super Silent 4 Pro” -RETAIL, it does it’s job
15$ USD

Now you have about 110 USD to spend on a better GFX for instance.
I still think that you should go with an AMD64 system instead though.

Sounds like you put together a nice machine, I hope you are happy with it. I persoanlly favor Intel over AMD because they just feel faster to me, regardless of what some claim :wink:

I think its a nice PC and it will serve you well… best of luck with it!!!

Hey Danne, do you think the heat sink/fan you recommended is better than the stock given with the cpu? Or do you think stock will be just fine?

Also I will get a 64 Athlon but I will wait a bit until more things come out for it, right now I just decided to go with a Intel and I am sure it will serve me just fine for a while, and also the mb I have is quite stable maybe not the best but sure it is stable. But thanks to all for responded.

Never tried an athlon 64 then? :wink: :bigsmile:

LOL, sorry no, not yet, maybe someday I can try the 64 and an EE chip for pure and simple amusement. I tried the XP chips, not very impressive.

@ beginner123
Probably (most likely) less noisy but I don’t think it’ll cool any better.

@ xtacydima
Define “feel faster”.