What does"data error cyclic redundancy check" mean?

My burner is a new LH-20A1S I’m using verbatim DVD+R DL. My pc is new and in tip top shape. My burner is burning at 8x on these Dvd+r DL. Out of about 15 of these disks this only happened once. It happened when I copied the contents of the disk back on my pc. I don’t ever remmeber this happening before.

Someone tolded me to burn at a lower speed like half. So if I can burn DL dvds at 8x he said to burn at 4x. I’ve burned like 30 dvds single and dl in the last 4 months, first time. I have not updated the firmware of the burner either. What do you all think ? thanks

Can firmware cause crc’s ? should I update it ? or am I just burning to fast ? Whats causing the crc’s ? thanks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

What brand DL media are you using? CRC errors are usually a sign of poor media, unable to be written correctly.

A firmware upgrade may help, but if you put junk in, you get junk out :iagree:

well everytime I’ve seen this error it has been because the pc being used has 40 wire ide cables in it and after replacing them (All of them) with 80 wire the problem was corrected

using verbatim. My pc is new top of the line. Built myself. I updated the firmware, so I’ll see. thanks anyway

[B]I had a problem with cyclic redundancy check data errors on burned CD-R data CDs. I was using garden variety, Walmart type Memorex CD-R discs made in China, and had purchased a new computer, a Dell Optiplex. With the new computer, I started to burn at 32X speed. The CRC error problem was with perhaps 1-2 in 10 discs I’d burned, not reading properly. But I have that problem no more, and here’s what I did.[/B]

[B]First, I ordered Taiyo Yuden CD-R blanks online, their “CDR Lacquer” type. From looking at many forums, I dropped my burning speed to 8X, which I’d used in the past, this though the CD drive burners I’m using are touted as 42X and 52X capable. There are theories about on and off times of lasers not being able to keep up as well at high speeds, which makes some sense, but I more think the Memorex CD-R discs and high speed were a toxic mix.[/B]

[B]So, using good media, I’m sure some other brands than Taiyo Yuden also good, and reducing the burn speed to 8X, and I’ve had no CRC errors in over 20 burned discs so far. [/B]

[B]Other tips: [/B]

[B]Store your CD-R discs in a cool, DARK place. Fluorescent lighting and sunlight can destroy data on home burning discs, which use a more chemical, dye substrate than factory burned, metal discs, i.e., are more volatile to light. Also, handle your discs carefully, never touching the recording surface, putting them in their storage when done using them, instead of such as throwing them on the table.[/B]

[B]Incidentally, I purchased the Taiyo Yuden CD-R blanks from [/B][B]www.SuperMediaStore.com[/B][B], for 26 cents a piece, less than what I’ve paid for cheap media at Walmart before. Note I have no affiliation with SuperMediaStore, am just a happy customer. Also, I’ve found Maxell Color CD-R blanks, from Walmart online, site-to-store (free shipping) great for making audio CDs, and probably great for data, good media, though not made in Japan anymore, as the best media generally has been, in the past. [/B]

[B]Hope these things help.[/B]

This thread is about DVD DL, not CD-R…

The only real solution is always to use reliable media and burn at lower than the max speeds.