What does"data error cyclic redundancy check" mean?

My burner is a new LH-20A1S I’m using verbatim DVD+R DL. My pc is new and in tip top shape. My burner is burning at 8x on these Dvd+r DL. Out of about 15 of these disks this only happened once. It happened when I copied the contents of the disk back on my pc. I don’t ever remmeber this happening before. Someone tolded me to burn at a lower speed like half. So if I can burn DL dvds at 8x hesaid to burn at 4x. I’ve burned like 30 dvds single and dl in the last 4 months, first time. I have not updated the firmware of the burner either. What do you all think ? thanks

It seems like you accidentally posted in the LG instead of the LiteOn forum, since that’s what the 20A1S is. Sometimes, you may run into a disc that could just be a bit substandard, even with Verbatim DL. Thus, when trying to copy the contents back, the data on the disc can’t be read accurately. If you have another drive, try to read the problematic disc from that.