What does CloneDVD do when disc is at 99% Quality?



Just curious… how does CloneDVD handle a disc that ends up at 99% quality? Does it still transcode the entire disc, or does it “shave” something off of the end, beginning, etc…?


It fires up the transcoder, which might either transcode “just a little” or remove redundant data. Either way, you won’t see any difference to the original.


Ollie - just a quick related question - about what percentage do you start to see some visible degrading in the copy? I know that the closer to 100% you are, the better, and anything below 60% is not good. I usually remove the extra Audio Streams, etc to try and improve the quality of the video itself, but if I’m already at…say…85%, is it really noticeable to try and push it higher by removing something else? Just asking based on your long experience with this fun stuff…


I always remove as much unwanted materials as possible. I could detect video artifacts below 80% video quality (70% for sure). I only keep the main movie and AC 3/6 audio.

Some programs like Shrink and Recode will allow the user to set the start and end points of the main movie. This can save 3 to 8 minutes of playing time since you’re not copying the studio’s logo or the end credits. Don’t forget that CloneDVD can only remove whole chapter.


Olli, ok… I thought it might be sort of a random thing.

Spaz2.3, as a rule I cut off transcoding at anything below 80%. Anything below that goes thru DVDRebuilder and CCE. That’s actually a little strict, but that’s the way I do it.


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