What does clone cd mean by Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly

i want to know what does clone cd mean by a drive being able to write regular bit patterns almost correctly.???

The explanation is very technical. For more technical info look in the Optical storage technical discussions forum for the thread ‘correct EFM’.

What you at least need to know is that your writer can’t write all regular bit patterns. The regular bit patterns are a protection method used in Safedisk2. There are several kinds of regular bit patterns, some ‘easy’ to burn, some ‘hard’ to burn. In your case your writer can only write the ‘easy’ to burn regular bit patterns. That means your writer can copy Safedisk2 <2.51.021 protected cds. But you cannot copy Safedisk2 >=2.51.021, the protection used nowadays on Safedisk protected cds. In such cases a software method like CloneCD’s Amplify Weak Sectors might help you in making a working backup.

More info on AWS can be found in the CloneCD forum.

Additional note: Please read that thread there, and don’t post before you’ve understood it completely.

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