What does cannot connect TRF mean?

I had a burn terminate and this was the error message.

Was it DVD Shrink then trying to burn with Nero?

Without a liitle more info as to just what you were doing it’s hard to help.

Sorry. Yes it was with DVDshrink. I have never had problems with this before using the exact same set up.

You’ve updated Nero to or early versions of V7 I assume. If this is the case then what happened is that the Nero dll file that Shrink would call was removed by the update so it now fails.

There is a modded version of DVD Shrink that works with these but I can’t find it here as the search function doesn’t appear to function.

You can obviously not select burn with Nero, but save the files to a folder & burn separately with Nero.

Do you mean this thread here ?

Yes that’s the one. Geno post the link to the modded version.

Nevermind. I found the answer in the DVDshrink forum at


as this is apparently it is a common problem with my version of Nero and DVDshrink trying to work together. I just downloaded a different version and the burn went fine. Thanks for all responses.