What does BQL-DW1655(B) mean?



My Benq 1650 has this as"2. [some korean words i can read] BQL-DW1655(B)"


It’s a Korean indistrial standards council designation that they require to be printed on equipment labels. It’s similar to the U.S. FCC ID assigned by Underwriters Laboratories.


Yes, but should it say 1655(B) on this?


It’s either an oversight on BenQ’s part, or the certification was obtained for both drives at the same time.

You can always flash it with DW1655 firmware if you suspect it has the Lightscribe hardware. Maybe it’ll work! And if it doesn’t [which is almost certain], flash it back to DW1650.


Is there a program that will check to see if LS really is working without burning one?

I dont have a LS disc


Hi :slight_smile:
The 1650 & 1655 are the same drive, hence the ‘1655’ bit on both the 1650/1655. However unlike Nec & LF. The 1650 doesn’t have the ‘additional’ LS hardware included. You can crossflash 1650 <> 1655. A 1650 with 1655 f/w will not feature LS due to hardware restrictions. A 1655 with 1650 f/w will lose LS as the f/w does not support LS.


Has there been any reports of the model being 1650, but says BQL-DW1655(B) with LS hardware but 1650 firmware?