What does "auto-bitsetting" do



I have updated the Firmware on my NEC 3500AG D/L burner to version 2.18
and everything working ok, now burning to 8.5gb disc’s.

Can somebody tell me what does “auto-bitsetting” do and do i need it. I was told about the firmware “Mad Dog release (2.FA) if you want auto-bitsetting”

what are the advantages of auto-bitsetting?



It sets booktype to dvd-rom. It’s only necessary if you use dvd+r discs and want to play it in an older dvd player (standalone) that doesn’t support dvd+r. :wink:


Use 2.18_liggy_Ritek_SE instead. It can be found at: http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html

This firmware has all the advantages of 2.FA (bitsetting) with the better write strategies of 2.18. It also has the riplock removed, is rpc1, and has ritek dl support.


Does the 2.18 liggy ritek se autobitset then or do you have to manually change it?


auto for dl…needs set for sl & rw. the bitsetting portion of this firmware came from 2.FA…


as an aside…their are known issues with rw bitsetting (a bug in the original maddog firmware). look around their are a couple threads on it…


Now i’m getting really confused? can you explain what the below term’s means.

1: Motorcycle said: It sets booktype to dvd-rom.

2: Spyfry said: It also has the riplock removed, is rpc1, and has ritek dl support.

or can you point me in the right direction that will explain what all these things mean.

As I have just got my dvd+r dl working, i will leave well alone for now until i understand more about things.


booktype – check the faq
riplock – nec drives from the factory are limited to 2x on reading dvd video which makes ripping dvds very slow. supposedly they do this to make the drive quiet.
riplock removed – no more riplock
rpc1 – region control time for google or the faq if it is there
ritek dl – popular Dual Layer media