What does a huge spike in PIE mean in quality?

What does a large increase in PIE say about the quality of a burn? for example, the spike at 1.5gb below…

And does anyone know if there is a correlation between high PIE and short shelf life of burnt discs?

  1. NEC drives test with erratic PI levels, many people ignore their reported PI levels altogether.

  2. NEC drives often have sharp changes in PI levels at speed shift/write strategy shifts with discs they burn.

  3. PI levels are of little concern in comparison to PIF levels, PIF levels are the main concern and your burn, while not perfect, is a pretty good burn overall. Nothing to worry about.

:iagree: :iagree: - with the sole exception of the 3540A that is less erratic and more “usable” as a PIE scanner. Still, even this one is kinda strange in the way it reports PIEs.

PIE reporting of the 3550/4550/4551 family of drives is seriously flawed.


Cheers :slight_smile:

I was just asking because most of my previous burns look something like the scan below… without fat PIE spikes.

The last 2 burns i did had wide PIE spikes around the 1.5gb mark no matter how many times i rescanned. So I suddenly had a question about disc quality. :confused: