What does a benchmark scan show?

I am very confused so i was hoping maybe someone could help. But what exactly does a benchmark scan show.

As i have always after burning a DVD. Scanned it with the DVD error checker to look for Pif and Pi levels.

But on doing a Pif and Pi scan and coming up with a quality score of 95. I did a benchmark and this was atrocious. (nothing like the smooth parabola curves you get more like a sinking ship).

So which should i trust. Is this disk a dud. And if so which scan should i do to ensure my DVD burn is ok. Pif/Pi test or Benchmark.


In my opinion you should trust the worst result.

If your PIE/PIF test is bad, then the disc is bad regardless of Read Transfer benchmark.

If the Read Transfer benchmark is bad, then the disc is bad regardless of PIE/PIF levels.

It also depends on what drive you use for the transfert rate test… Benq drives are notoriously unreliable for these tests for example as there can be erratic slowdowns not related to the disc quality. Several passes can give different results with these drives.

It would be better if you could post actual graphs. :slight_smile: