What do your disks smell of?

I dont know why, but some of my verbatims (made in india) smell like coconut. Does anyone else have any fragrant disks?

Mine smell of honey.

mine smell of no more money :frowning:

My Verb T02s, as I said, have a faint but pleasant smell. Can’t place it, though :bigsmile:

Napalm in the morning…
No, they smell like victory.

Consciousness: That annoying time between naps. /.

My current batch of T03’s smell like almond coffee … I hate coffee.
My current batch of TYG02 smell like toxic waste.
My current batch of TYG03’s smell like car exhaust.
My current batch of TYG01 smell like … well, they don’t really smell.
My current batch of MCC003’s smell like burning magnesium.
My current batch of TY CDR’s smell like sugarless V.
My current batch of MCC CDR’s smell like … well, indescribable.

Stange that! My Verbatims have a nice smell but I too can’t put my finger on it.

I’ve got some cheapo unbranded ones that absolutely stink !!

I have some RiTEK R03 that smell as though they have been in a fire.


Or should be. :bigsmile:

Oooh… I remember a line from a song … (that was playing in the background while a US soldier high on speed cranked through Iraq in his APC)
Let the motherf@#$%rs Burn!

After a few good whiffs … I’ve decided it smells like Ammonia.

ahhh bloodhound gang…

I find that some spindles smell a bit like curry, other like plastic

I’m sure someone mentioned their Riteks smelling of ammonia (not so politely put, though. I believe the phrase used was “smell like p*ss” :bigsmile: ).

Actually, going back to what Dee said…I’m sure I remember a fiery smell coming from a new spindle of discs I once bought, can’t remember the brand/manufacturer.

And no, I wasn’t deliberately sniffing them, the smell was overpowering as soon as the shrinkwrap came off :eek: