What do you what in a linux distro?

hey guys well my ankles better!:bigsmile:

im hard at work on evilentity right now and the task is overwhelming!building a distro takes alot of people and time we dont really have much of either.i see this really come to fruition in about 3 years.

i would like to know what you would like to see in a distro?
i know people like these movieplayers
xine,and mplayer and i suggest mplayerxp!
and as far as cdburners programs
gcombust,xcdroast and k3b

remember the evilentity linux centers around multimedia .this is our focus!

also remember we have a very clean distro and we desire no bloat or any dependencies we dont need!

the first evilenity distro was based on slackware 7 which came out in 1999.

we also need c coders and lots of them.
being that the mplayerxp project is new noone has taken the time to create a gui for it,any coders help in this endeavor will be welcome!:bigsmile:

i really expected alot of people on this forum to help with suggestions for EvilE when i last posted but i may not had been taken seriously.well im serious!

there are alot of very intellegent people on this forum and id like to hear from you!

if you plan on centering around multimedia, you should probably try and make everything customizable, that can be.

as for coding c, methinks i’ll be busy enough with that as it is ;).

best of luck to you.