What do you use your coasters for?

List your uses for those annoying CD coasters. Here’s my small, modest list:

  1. Used as table placemats for hot stuff & cold drinks (as the word coaster suggests).
  2. Used as the last disc at the bottom of a CD stack so that a working CD does not get scratched being at the bottom.

Can’t seem to discover other ways of getting some use out of those useless CDs (apart from throwing away those that really annoy you). Any suggestions/ideas welcome.

I am collecting them, in order to build a CD-lamp :slight_smile:

I have a decent burner, I don’t make coasters :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: :bigsmile:

I made a little house with them, just kidding.

Most of the coasters I have made hae taken out side and had a pair of tin snips to them, usually cut into about 15 pieces and placed in a small cardboard box and taped up. Then the box is walked to the end of the driveway, where it waits for the man who comes once a week and picks the trash up and hauls it away.

I do use them for drink coasters from time to time. Glue something over the middle and use them!!!I have used them to stop my chair from rolling all over the place.

Frisbees! :slight_smile:

I have been known to take a number of CD+RW Disks to the lab after a failed attempt to write to them. There i will sit down and study the molecular density of the media and try to understand the possible reason for the fail, I will often use a high tension shroud infared laser to determine the refracter part 3 light return from various points on the media this is very interesting as the light parts 2 and 3 cause a very unusual light prism effect not seen with a naked eye, but part 3 is the one i,m very close too i feel the need coat the media with with a resin based poxy solution and see if there is any diffrence in the time taken for the light to return using the shroud laser under many thousands of a second the end result can be very exciting for myself.I will then attach a fine thread of mettalic wire to the media and on my return journey home let gravity take over and attatch it to my rear view mirror and possibly stop law enforcment officers from detecting my true speed as i do 31 in a 30 mile an hr speed limit area…:wink:

I used to hang them on the wall, it was my plan to decorate my room with it. Due to parent pressure, the room was redecorated and the cds were dropped. Now I just throw them in the litter bin. :slight_smile:

I started a few months ago to line the floor with them. So instead of a carpet a have these coasters and aol disks covered with plastic sheets to make my floor.

When my daughter was born I labelled them and send them as birthcards.

I don’t make many coasters anymore, being that I’ve got a burnproof capable burner, but I do have routine when I get one…
I have a chair with only one back support left (long story). I take the coaster and smash it on the back support. It makes a mess, but it makes me feel good. Actually I do this with any cd’s I don’t want (AOL cd’s are fun to smash!)

Originally posted by AlienZombie
Actually I do this with any cd’s I don’t want (AOL cd’s are fun to smash!)

Fun to smash, hard to get off once stuck to a finger. I was playing around with a disk, twirling it around on my finger when it slipped on and got stuck. I tried breaking it in half, it broke but the inner ring remained. I then tried cutting the ring with scissors finally freeing myself but getting a cut in the process.

If they are not marked and completely blank I save them and when I get a pile, which thankfully takes a while, I give them to my girls daycare for art projects.

Wow, old thread! :slight_smile:

I’m boring. I chuck mine in the bin…not that I get many, I’m happy to say.

Last couple of coasters I had were Prodisc-made MCC004 from the same spindle :eek:


I end up playing with them then breaking them mostly.
I found they’re pretty fun to scratch with something sharp They look pretty with designs.

file 13 but do not have many

Throw them as hard as I possibly can against a hard wall…shatters it and makes a mess, but its FUN! :bigsmile:

Target practice. I see how many bullets I can get through the hole [I]without[/I] cracking the disk. :slight_smile:

well how many?

I’d love to make clocks out of them, but i can’t find cheap materials besides the coaster itself.