What do you use to convert avi to mpeg or wmv?

to convert avi to mpeg or wmv? What software is reliable, quick and easy?


www.google.com is the best software for that sort of thing; and best of all, you don’t have to download it! :bigsmile:

Nero/Sony movie maker/SONICMYDVD deluxe and 20 other programs will do this! Movie maker in windows has some nice features also/just not sure if it will do a full up MPEG2 to DVD without a plug in!

You can use divxtodvd to convert avis to dvd, Tmpgenc to convert to mpg. I don’t use anything to convert to wmv as i have no need. Try videohelp.com and hit the ‘tools’ section for more programs, there you can’t go wrong.






MPEG --> TMPGEnc Plus
WMV --> Windows Media Encoder

Xilisoft is the new divx to dvd and by far the best…