What do you use? HELP



I have recently purchased an exteral DVD burner that came with Nero Suite, I am trying to copy .mpg and .avi files from my HARD DRIVE to DVD. I have successfully did this ONCE…lol, But for the most part the larger .mpg and .avi files wll not burn. What is a commonly used DVD bruning program that can burn .mpg and .avi files easly? What do you use?? Thanks in advance!


ok here again…i say …for avi files…WinAvi Converter…its quick and easy to use…just load it and click the DVD button and it converts it to a .vob file…then open up your nero and burn the vob file to your dvd :wink:


can you do the same to .mpg files? Also, do I need to manually create a VIDEO_TS folder for the .vob files?


If you plan to watch these AVI movies on a standalone, and your standalone is not able to read AVI, then you need a software like the one suggested by Sexy_Southerner to convert avi into DVD.

If you have a lot of these conversions to do, however, because of these conversions are really time consuming, the easier solution is to buy a standalone able to read also avi movies.

If you already have a standalone able to read avi movies, then you can burn these files on a DVD without any conversion creating a [B]data[/B] disc, and not a [B]video[/B] DVD. If you select video DVD nero will try to do a conversion into DVD. To leave unchanged all avi files, you must select Data disc.


so if I convert these files to .vob do I need to create a VIEDO_TS folder?


Yes, a VIDEO_TS folder is needed. But if you use nero to burn these vob files, selecting “video DVD” nero will create these folders automatically.

However, after the conversion you should have not only .vob files, but also some .IFO and some .BUP files.


Is there any software I can pruchase that will allow me to simply select .mpg files and burn directly to DVD?


As I said, if you want to burn the mpeg file as mpeg you can do it simply selecting [B]data disc[/B] in nero. If you want to convert mpeg files into vob, you need a DVD authoring software like TMPGenc DVD Author or DVD Lab Pro. Both too bad are not free, and not really cheap :frowning:

Try to search here to find if there is also a free software


Great! Ill give it a shot…thanks for all the help…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


here is a free dvd converting tool on the page geno suggested, the description is follows: FAVC is an All-In-One DVD Converter. A GUI for several different free video tools. Accepts one, or more, avi video files and produces a ready-to-burn dvd folder (and an iso if required). Output can be either PAL or NTSC and most of the work is automated. Very little input is needed and the applications used are optimised for speed. QuEnc is used for encoding. …SO when converting the avi file, you would then choose the DVD Video option in NERO to burn the DVD?


It worked!


If you use winavi to convert video files to DVD,it can make a VIDEO_TS folder auto.And you just need select this folder to burn to disc.WinAVI also can burn,you maybe know that. :stuck_out_tongue:
In fact,after conversion,you can get a DVD folder,it contains AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS two folders.In VIDEO_TS,you can find the vobs,bups and ifos.