What do you think of this scan?

I hope this post is in the right place, this seemed like the area for this type of question. I got a couple tubs of the FUJI TY CDRs that kmart had on sale today. I did a couple test burns (top 2 disks in one box), and while the overall numbers look pretty consistent with the SONY audio TY CDRs I have, I am concerned about the way the jitter trace and C1 errors are rising towards the end of the burn. What do you all think?

Looks like you’ll want to keep the burn speed down a bit with these. What was the speed settting?

Burned at 24X. I could try lower, seems like it shouldn’t be necessary with TY. Here’s another scan, from mid-stack, about the same. I notice my Sony Audio CDR scans do have a similar shape to the C1 graph (rising toward the end), althought the numbers are better.

It’s going all the way up to 48X on this Data Disc (see the white burn speed line). The result is best below 32X (or even 24X for Jitter).

Were the discs burned in CD-DVD Speed?

If so, I believe there’s a bug with the BenQ 1650/55 (and possibly other BenQ drives), it ignores your burn speed setting and goes right up to max.

I’ve experienced it, so has DrageMester, and I believe it’s fixed in 4.51.3 :slight_smile:

I was just noticing that. Here is a burn from the Sony audio (TY) CDRs. I set both of them to burn at 24X, but the Fuji burned faster. I will try that again.

Arachne, yes CD-DVDSpeed v 4.5.1 I will grab that update. Funny, it does it on the Fuji stuff, but not the Sony Audio CDRs. Update: I couldn’t find that version, anyone have a link?


After you update to 4.51.3 - try them at 32x for data - should give you your best burn-eh!

Does anyone have link to that file? it wasn’t on cdspeed2000.com
bigmike, you burn a lot of TY, right? How do these scans compare to yours?

If you haven’t found it by tomorrow, I’ll try and upload it somewhere (it’s part of the latest Nero 7 update, I think).

I’d do it tonight, but it’s 12:40am here, and nearly my bedtime!

Arachne, tomorrow’s fine, thanks!


Found it! Check Zebadee’s sig. :wink:

Edit: pc… found it, but at an alternate site. I was a little slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the fast replies! I did search, these didn’t come up. I have been to freecodecs.com, didn’t think of it!

Glad you guys found a download, saves me a job tomorrow! :bigsmile:

Now, that’s more like it! Thanks everyone :bow:

Yep, that < 5K C1 and 8.65% avg. jitter is what people expect from TY. :bigsmile: So unless someone gets a poorly-stored batch from a B&M store, when the stores keep it stored correctly (Best Buy is sometimes very bad about not doing that), this should be close to the result. :iagree:

Yo filedog-

Have not gotten my new TY’s from The Tech Geeks yet-

All my CD-R’s for the past 3-4 years were Ritek midcoded - so this is my first go with the TY’s-eh!

(btw - good scan-eh!)

bigmike7, would you post some of your Ritek burns? I have not gotten ahold of any more of their media yet.

Yo filedog-

Here’s one from my LiteOn 160P6s-

Now you can see why I love my LiteOns so much-

And why I recommend 32x burns-eh!