What do you think of this scan?

TDK DVD-R TTG01 burnt with TTG02 strategy and @8x with an 812s@832s CY58. Any way of improving this?

reset the learnt media:


sheez, im surprised how people are addicted to the whole this resetting thing. if he hasn’t burnt this media before, then resetting wont do anything except kill all the (most likely precious) the drive learned from other burns! there can be so many more factors to have a poor burn, and fauly learn data is only one small case!

least you should do is remind to backup his eeprom in case it doesnt help!

Thanks for the replies, did resetting learnt media before each strategy change anyway, didn’t work too well…

I found a solution though!

I went and bought an NEC 3520A this arvo lol

Same media, NEC straight out of box with stock firmware, can’t believe the difference a drive makes…

That’s one way to solve the problem :stuck_out_tongue: