What do you think of this PC build?



All from Tigerdirect:

Asus A8V Deluxe Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard and AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Processor Combo

Masscool / Socket 754, 939, 940/AMD Athlon 64/Ball Bearing/CPU Cooling Fan

WD 200GB / 7200 / 8MB / ATA-100 / EIDE Hard Drive

Kingston 512MB Non-ECC, CL3 PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory

Just 4 PC - 767 - Silver ATX Mid-Tower Case

Plus maybe a couple small things like 80mm fans and cables…i think i should have everything else already.

I tried to keep it as close to $500 as possible without monitor, and it comes to $687.67 shipped, and $547.67 after rebates.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.




I think it looks good, but I found this, make of it what you want.
“They have good prices and things are easy to return but don’t bother trying to get the rebate checks. I ordered a complete system and couldnt get half my rebates!!! DONT BOTHER ORDERING FROM THEM IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR REBATES!”

Rebates can be a pain.


Thanks for the heads up hunt4food, it looks like TigerDirect eventually emailed them back right away trying to resolve the rebate issue, after the bad review.

I’m not too concerned with audio/video upgrades right away, but will be purchasing them in the near future, also.

But otherwise do you think it looks like a system that will run pretty smooth/fast in running normal, daily applications?


good motherboard with lots of features. very stable at stock settings. cpu is amazingly fast…depending on what you’re upgrading from, you should notice a nice difference.

never heard of Masscool. i know TigerDirect has a crappy selection of HSF, but even the stock heatsink with the retail version of the CPU is great. you should be fine at stock settings.

i’d think about a SATA HD just so you can free up IDE channels for burners :wink: if you go with a sole 200gb HD, i recommend partitioning it for your OS and data separately.

A64s are a bit picky with RAM. you should be fine, but check the Vendor Qualified RAM list for the mobo at the bottom of the page here: http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket939/a8v-d/overview.htm


Everything I have read says that, for XP, you are better off with a single partition. Is your reason for some other speed issue or just to keep data separate. BTW, I have heard of problems some people experienced when they had too small an OS partition. They went to update to a newer service pack and found they didn’t have enough room to unpack all the temp files.

I second the SATA recommendation. If nothing else, it frees up the IDE for lots of burners.


I think multiple partitions are brilliant and recommend it to everyone, lets says youve got a 250Gb drive and your os gets seriously screwed or you just want to do a reinstall you really wanna backup 200+Gb of data to DVD? make sure youve a large enough partition for your os to start with and you’ll be fine.


that’s the main point, easier backups. 100/100 if you like whatever floats your boat, but definitely makes life easier and simpler in the long run.


WD HDDs are slow, I’d go for a Hitachi 7K250 instead and as someone else pointed out earlier that comp lacks a video card for instance. You might want also to check out MSI’s K8T Neo2 FIR which is pretty much the same mainboard but usually a bit cheaper.
If you want a complete computer you can find such a list in this thread.
Exclude the monitor you have one around 550 bucks.