What do you think of these my man

I’m wondering if these cd-r’s are the supposed ‘cyanine’ color:


I have an e-mail out to the company, but no reply as of yet. Just was wondering if anyone knew more about these particuar cd’s.

I’m pretty good with pc’s, and do tech support to pay the bills, but I’m new to the “what’s good/what sucks” blank media game. I’ve browsed through the boards, and I have gathered that these cd’s, assuming they have the blue dye to them, are good quality and reliable. And for that price they seem like a great deal.

Taiyo Yuden is cyanine. They’re not really blue (Verbatim Metal AZO are really blue), but better than most other discs. Only very few are as good and reliable as Taiyo Yuden.

Cool man, thanks. I was thinking that they were, but was a little unsure. For .30 a piece plus a little shipping seems decent.

30 bucks per spindle is very good for TY

i actually ordered 1 spindle of that 40/48x TY from cddimensions yesterday

also i have done business with them a couple times before for my taiyo media needs… very happy with them, havent found unbranded TY media many other places or at that price

their shipping is reasonable, but costs twice as much for two spindles as for one, i suppose that might make sense since they are heavy items…

well anyway i’m looking forward to testing out the 40/48x taiyo and hopefully using it at 52x in the future

Originally posted by alexnoe
Only very few are as good and reliable as Taiyo Yuden.
All types of TY?

I have some 40x TY in a Fuji package that are excellent. Best media I have tested to date, but they deffinitely do produce more errors at 48x than at 40x on my LiteOn.