What do you think of the MPAA’s/RIAA’s version of ‘Xmas spirit’?

I just posted the article What do you think of the MPAA’s/RIAA’s version of ‘Xmas spirit’?.

In a move that is bound to not win them any more ‘fans,’ both organizations are planning an organized effort to find illegal downloading on p2p networks, as well as any pirate attempting…

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What really pisses me off about this stuff is it is NEVER mentioned in the mainstream press. At the retailer where I work, none of my customers know about the lawsuits that are happening in the US, the customers think that the artists are fairly compensated. They also have no idea about the levy that Canadians pay on all recordable media that allows us to make personal copies. The misinformation/lack of knowledge that is out there is so staggering, that unless the general population gets a clue, only we eliteists will know what is actually going on.

As long as we have “Pod people” and Zune zombies etc., we will have the RIAA. Don’t buy the DRM garbage and the “piracy” campaign will die. The only purpose the RIAA serves is to herd people like sheep to sites like iTunes. As long as people buy DRM’ed garbage, the “fight” will go on to stomp out “illegal” filesharing. Legal DRM downloads can only survive as long as people are willing to buy into the schemes. To add insult to injury, the DRM sites are all different and incompatible. I am proud to say, that I have never purchased a single DRM music track… and I never will. Why? Because I am sick of people being terrorized and blackmailed by the music industry and I know that this is the only way to stop it. STOP SUPPORTING DRM.

No one should buy any music that is by RIAA members. It’s not right for a company to ruin the life of an individual in the name of increasing profits. You’re a target to receive one of those letters that says “pay $8,000 or be sued for millions”…not because you download music, but because it is so easy for an IP Address to be transcribed or dictated incorrectly. Maybe someone with an IP of is downloading music and the RIAA tells your ISP it is – your IP. Whoops. Try telling the RIAA that it’s not you. Even if you don’t own a computer or are dead, they will go after you.

Don’t weaken your argument with irrelevancies. “due to the kinds of people they have chosen to sue recently, such as someone in a wheelchair”. Since when is being wheelchair bound relevant to a discussion of intellectual property law in the digital domain? Many, perhaps most, wheelchair users can sit at a computer and download media- copyrighted or not. If I required the use of a wheelchair, I might find the statement downright offensive. There is plenty of ammo lying around with which to target the MPAA and RIAA. Criticism including logical fallacies does your cause little benefit.

Screw the MAFIAA (Music and Film Industries Associations of America). Buy your music off of eMusic. There are a lot of non-mainstream artists out there that kick a**. That, or buy a sattelite radio (I use XM) and just pay monthly. It’s the best deal out there, and it’s a whole lot better than the repetition of 15 songs (or fewer :r) that are played on the radio these days. That, or listen to the free internet radio that’s out. I know that iTunes, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL has all the good stuff. Even Real Player and Windows Media Player have them, even though the players ultimately suck a**.

[anyone can state their case without vulgarity–please remember this.]

i’m sick of the whole “you’re costing the music and film industry millions”, because they both have larger profits every year

I think it’s best to remember that what the RIAA/MPAA is doing is not logical and what they say is certainly fallacious. The very fact the average reader will not be aware of logical fallacies is exactly the point; the average reader is moved more by emotion and personal experience than logic. So the ‘wheelchair’ person is included exactly because the RIAA/MPAA does not go after ‘valid’ nor ‘logical’ choices–those who are obvious pirates, downloading and then reselling their pilfered content. When they go after someone with a few songs that obviously can’t defend oneself, then someone like that who is more defenseless is all the more objectionable. Therefore, to use such examples are valid, because they point out how extremely ridiculous such a prosecution is.

The RIAA targets people who don’t have the means to defend themselves. Then if they accidentally sue someone who does have the means, they withdraw the case because they know they have no way to actually win. They are filing these lawsuits without a good faith basis because they know they can extort settlements from the targets.

Ranma… and neo… thank you both for seeing the article at its face value, and responding based on that, without going beyond that (i.e., neither of you tried to 'put words in my mouth). Thank you for seeing the purpose of the article is to inform, not to convince nor try to persuade all potential readers to be more ‘logical’ or what have you. Ranma…, you bring up an excellent point, that these lawsuits ‘fly under the radar’–especially here–especially considering the ACLU here would normally be all over any person/institution that tried to ‘walk on’ someone else. So it is VERY odd the ACLU isn’t going after the RIAA/MPAA for such abuses (exactly the thing it would normally try to prevent).

Gonna be a DRY season for the recording and movie industry. Will continue to be DRY as long as they don’t wise up and start thinking of their customers as the providers of THEIR livelihood but instead continue the BS. This is not a battle in progress. They lost the moment they fireds the first shot way back when. They’re done. It’s over. 'nuff said.