What do you think of no -R DL support in the 1640?



i guess no -R DL writing available, is an important lack of 1640, also considering most of new models support this kind of format.

I’ve no idea if this spec. could be added later with some firmware upgrade or if it’s strictly hardware related, but if things remain the same i definitely would prefer a writer that let me get chepest DL media on the market whatever it will be, +R or -R

What do you think about?


-R DL will at the beginning be more expensive than +R DL… however who knows what will happen in the future. I guess +R DL and -R DL will have more or less the same price… the same as with +R and -R. There is also a question about compatibility… if -R DL will be as compatible with DVD Recorders as +R DL maybe it will be more… who knows.


DVD-R DL seems so incompatible with older dvd drives that I doubt it will ever be as popular as DVD+R DL.

A large number of modern PC drives have had firmware updates to deal with this, but there are great deal of older drives that simply will not know to do when it sees this media.


Q: “What do you think of no -R DL support in the 1640?”
A: Fortunately I have a PX-716A (6x +/- DL). :smiley:


Well the previews of DVD-R DL have shown thats it’s compatibility is very poor, if that remains true when DVD-R DL becomes available in retail I doubt most people are going to care all that much about the format regardless of the price.




Quikee & Rugger you are right, but on the other hand many new models differ from previous ones also for adding -R DL skill, i.e. Pionner 109 vs. 108 & Nec 3540 vs. 3530.

This let me think there will be a future for these kind of media and it looks Benq on this point is still behind

My fault, but could you explain this better,please?


No … I personally think that the DVD-R people were upset that the DVD+R people got DL recordables out before they did, now they want to release something … anything, regardless of how useful it is, to safe face and maybe get a small amount of royalties.

DVD-R DL seems like a dead technology because it is too late and too incompatible with existing standards.

The funny thing is, none of this will matter unless dual layer media prices fall significantly more.

I would not choose a particular drive over another one just because of its DL -R capibilities … just as I have never chosen a drive over another because of its DL +R capibilities.


Well ruggers post above surmises it but the initial previews that were posted of the DVD-R DL format showed that PC drives had trouble reading the burned disc’s and a standalone DVD player refused to play the disc also.

If those compatibility problems are still present when the format is readily available and the discs fail to play in the majority of peoples DVD players I think it is safe to assume that interest in the format will be very minimal and [I assume] paying the royalties for supporting it are not worth it to companies like BenQ & Philips.


To “important lack” i can only say it would be an important lack if DVD-R worked as good as DVD+R DL and were cheaper .

The main problem is, i think, you cant bitset a DVD-R DL if you have an older DVD-Player you cant play it and that goes for older DVD-Roms too.
So in my opinion the usefulness of DVD-R DL is nullified.
Its the sad try to compete with the DVD+R DL that is already out since dunno.
A dead product i would say.

They didnt think much about it they only want to have an opposite to get some prestige but its too late for such childish things.


However… Verbatim DVD-R DL discs will be available shortly (see news on CDFreaks)… then we will know more.


no -r, non-issue. with great +r quality and bit-setting who needs it…


This discussion reminds me of the old -R/+R days (cept it was the other way around…-R was released first, and +R had the initial compatibility issues).


But +R has a user changable bitsetting, and a lot fewer DVD drives and players were around back then. This reduced compatibility problems because oem drive makers caught most of them early. Now there is a huge installed base of DVD players and drives that there will probably never support DVD-R DL.


As I said once the problem with DVD-R DL is DVD-R booktype… the problem is that most of the devices automaticly think that a DVD-R booktyped disc is SL. =)


Thats not the best thing if you want to burn movies uncompressed on discs for backup purposes.
Same goes for archieving.

The bitsetting was not needed on DVD-R SL but now from the standpoint of DVD-R DL its needed but not really possible if im not wrong.


maybe we will get DVD-R DL disks that have the booktype set to DVD-ROM in the factory. Will need some tweaking of DVD burners to accept and write, but would be easier then changing almost every reader currently in existance.


No need for DVD-R DL when we have DVD+R DL + bitsetting!

As said, the DVD-R DL compatibility is way worse than DVD+R DL.

I don’t use much DL anyway…


Is there even a machine who can set discs to dvd-rom on the fly in factories ?


According to Nero InfoTool, my engineer sample of the Philips DVDR1628 (BenQ DW1640 OEM) should be able to write DVD-R DL discs. So maybe there will be hope that the BenQ DW1640 will add this feature in future firmware releases.