What do you think is most attractive on women?



Wanted to know what’s the first thing you notice on a women…their hair, face, nose, mouse/teeth and so on :stuck_out_tongue:


boobies :slight_smile:


Face, Nose, Hair


Face and legs.

(According to psychology these are the two major points (up and down) that determine your first impressions about the “whole picture”).


i prefer her ferrari


Just fixed poll, multiple choice allowed …keep it to 1 or 2 characterics of possible, for a more valuable statistic :stuck_out_tongue:


Ass. A good firm round ass can makeup for alot of other defects. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t add personality because you can’t claim that as attractive until you’ve known her. This is purely by observation :stuck_out_tongue:


Face in general (also voted for all sub-parts of the face: hair, eyes, nose, etc.)… personality is also very important, but this poll seems to be about physical features.


Yeah, since nothing can beat a girl with good personality, it can’t be considered a feature for first-sight-love :stuck_out_tongue:


eyes, breasts then ass in that order.

sexy cats eyes


I forgot to add something I commented on irc chat! Women expressions :slight_smile:


What do you think is more attractive on women?

based on the wording of the question, i’d have to say that they are all attractive on women. any woman missing any one of the parts isn’t attractive at all :rolleyes: :wink:


Nice answer, very polite :stuck_out_tongue: but there must be something you notice first when looking at one :slight_smile:


breasts, face + hair, legs…
that’s the order i watch @ women… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


face is #1 without a doubt (and i consider all the sub-parts i.e. nose, teeth, etc. as part of the face). then #2 is a toss-up between ass and breasts (depends on whether i see her first from the front or back). #3 would be legs but when it’s not summer, it’s tough to get a good look at those.

that better? :bigsmile:


Not so hard at all :stuck_out_tongue: thanks, always a good one for more statistics :cool:


Nothing floats my boat more than a beautiful pair of sparkling, intense, richly-coloured eyes.


Any preference for blue or green ? Or just coloured? All this little things are important :stuck_out_tongue:


I like both blue eyes and green. An intense grey is also perfectly acceptable, especially if she has red hair. :wink: