What do you think about my new computer?

Hi guys, what do you think about my new powerful computer? And is this kind of Verbatim media any good? Unfortunately my new drive does not support PI/PIF quality testing, so I need your advises… :wink:

Enjoy :wink:

Would you like <s>fries</s> Taiyo Yuden That’s music tapes in addition to that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks [B]ageha[/B] for telling me about the That’s music tapes :bigsmile:

What a beast indeed :bigsmile:

Dude! Specdrum!


Nice designing p:

Is it Vista ready? :bigsmile:

Fortunatelly not :disagree: :bigsmile: :bow: :bow:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

how old is it?

computer Didaktik Gama (ZX Spectrum clone made in Slovakia): 18 years old :bow:
1-dot “printer” Tesla BT-100: 19 years old
5,25" FDD Didaktik D40: 16 years old
home made copy of SpecDrum: 15 years old

i have an apple IIc in the attic…1987…w/ the original floppies it came w/…it still works…:slight_smile:

Lol! Feel that monochrome goodness :wink: